Family and Love

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Who We Are

First written in the Summer of '69, Paul's autobiographical novel covers his life from birth to age twenty-two...Then, 40+ years later , he decided to publish it on its' own merits.

It's a special, interesting read for many, including those who also grew up in the small town of Hudson, Quebec, in the 50's and 60's.

Day to day life in Hudson is clearly described, with activities and experiences that would have been shared by more or less all the others who grew up there back then.....each of us lives the story of our lives, and when we share another's story it adds a bit more to our own... 

Why Us?

It's available in ebook format for US$2.99 on

You search the title and my name on the main site page.

That takes you to a free read of the first few pages, and the download/purchase process.